Julie Jalil

Individual pieces that have emerged from a given moment, from a period of exploration or introspection, from personal calling or a friend's inspiration.

After Mitchev (2004)
(24 x 30: Oil and Gold Leaf on Canvas)

is based on a composition by Peter Mitchev. The work shows the influence of Gustav Klimt and traditional Byzantine art. My choice of warm tones and golden glow express the comforting embrace of love.

Original Painting: Contact Artist
Limited Edition Giclee: $400
Limited Fine Art Print: $50

Clarence (2004)
(14 x 18: oil on canvas)

was intended for the major professor of my dissertation. (My degree was in Rehabilitation and Special Education... but to survive the diss., I began to paint, and eventually turned to it full-time.) This professor, Clarence Brown, loved Lance Armstrong, and he loved to cycle himself. The iconic Yellow Jersey signifying the leader of the Tour de France was placed amid a Van Gogh-like landscape, a Picasso-like cubist face, and the bike itself is reminiscent of the artwork found in the animated film, The Tripletts of Bellville. When graduation rolled around, the painting was not yet done (and so Prof. Brown got a Lance Armstrong autographed book)... and by the time the work was finished, "Clarence" simply cycled into my own gallery. It was also featured in 2011 at the International Contemporary Masters Exhibit at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art in Las Vegas.

Original: Contact Artist
Limited Edition Giclee: Framed $300
Limited Fine Art Print: $30
La Panique (2004)
(16 x 20: Oil on Canvas)

has (rather generously) been described as Munch's "The Scream" as seen through the eyes of Picasso. This was my 4th original painting, and was created after I did a reproduction of Picasso's Girl before a Mirror. (Doing reproductions is how I taught myself to paint.) If you've ever experienced a panic attack, then you know what this painting is about. It will be the cover image for Panic, a book of poems by Laura McCullough (www.alicejamesbooks.org). 

Limited Edition Giclee: $200
Limited Fine Art Print: $30


A Mother's Love (2005)
(16x20:Oil and Acrylic)

There is a wide range of imagery in this 2005 painting, but I'll leave it up to the viewer to decipher.

Original: Contact Artist
Limited Edition Giclee: $200
Limited Fine Art Print: $30

Connect Four (2007)

is a pop art rendition of one of my favorite games. My husband thinks it is upside down, but I like it hanging this way.

Original: Contact Artist

Limited Edition Giclee: $300
Limited Fine Art Print: $60

Rosie 2004 (2004)
(14x18: Oil on Canvasboard)
was my 3rd original painting and reflects the influence of cubism as well as my desire to celebrate women. For me, Rosie the Riveter is one of the great symbols of female strength, but I wanted to give that icon a more contemporary, more artistic interpretation. Long live Rosie, and all she symbolizes.
Original: Contact Artist
Limited Edition Giclee: $200
Limited Fine Art Print: $30

Still Life with Mermaid (2005)
(18x24: Oil on Canvas)

came from the only art class I ever took. It was a six-week continuing education course; I think I attended 3 of the 6 classes. (I still have so much to learn, but my personality lends itself more to a trial (and lots of) error approach.)  It was a drawing class, and so we did two still lifes. (The other one was painted over.) I am usually not a big fan of still lifes, but when I started to play with a Matisse-like sense of color (his Moroccan period), I got more interested in this particular work. At this point, my husband, John Fleming, typically named my paintings; he swears that if you look about two inches above the window, there is a mermaid out in the sea....
Original: Contact Artist
Limited Edition Giclee: $200
Limited Fine Art Print: $30

Kilimanjaro (2007)
(32x60 Triptych: Oil)

Commissioned by Toni and Ted Spalding to be the centerpiece of their new living room, this painting commemorates how they met (on a flight when Toni was a stewardess) and where they got engaged (on the rim of Mount Kilimanjaro).
Private Collection

Enwraptured Martini (2006)
(11 x 14: Acrylic on Canvas)

This painting was created for my friend Melissa King-Knowles. Over drinks we would get together to talk about art. One of her stories inspired the Cowtown series, and when I painted this, she was creating martini glass gift sets. It is one of those cases where a personal expression for a friend resulted in a painting that I really like.

Original: Sold
Limited Edition Gicle Framed: $200
Limited Edition Fine Art Print: $30

Fleming's Intellect (2008)                 Contemplation (2008)
(16x20: Mixed Media on Canvas)      (8x10: Oil and Acrylic on Canvas)

Original: Contact Artist              Original: Contact Artist
Limited Edition Giclee: $200      Limited Edition Giclee: $150
Limited Fine Art Print:  $30        Limited
Fine Art Print: $25


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